Little Tribblets In Every Room

by Dissonant Dessert

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An album inspired by an intense vision I had where I heard the screams of civilizations long extinguished emanating from my toilet. This album is an aural portrayal of this experience as one man finds himself catapulted thousands of years into the past only to be killed and fade back into the time continuum and be forgotten from this universe altogether. All of the musicians on this album are of the highest caliber and I'm deeply grateful for their involvement and willingness to throw themselves fearlessly into the world I was trying to bring to life. A huge thank you to John Lurie, whose endlessly original music has been a huge inspiration to this process and my life in general. Put on headphones, sink into your seat and go back a few thousand years for a while. It's always been there, after all.

DISCLAIMER: All of these sounds were created organically, and the only electricity used during the recording process was to power the laptop that stored all of these sounds.


released March 21, 2016

Eric Novak: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, oboe, heckelphone, shell flute, balafon, marimba, vibraphone, sheng, didgeridoo, xun, percussion, voice, spirits, swords
Robby “Roob” Kuntz: drums, timpani, marimba, percussion, voice, feet, spirits, swords
LeeAnna Studt: trombone, voice, teeth, feet, spirits
Ryan Donlin: double bass, voice, feet, spirits, swords
Madz Negro: violin, voice
Elena Denny: cello, voice
Derek McAnally: drums
Selena Greising: French horn, voice
Braden Poole: voice, feet, spirits, swords, comb
Cale Sennett: trumpet, voice
Laura Brooks: flute, voice
Ethan Berg: clarinet, voice
Ayethaw Tun, Celia Williams, Tommy Bravos: voices, feet, spirits, swords
Kate Ford, Karen Matkovich: voices, feet
Charlie Franz: intonation, voice
Olivia Novak, Kate VanPetten, Jonas Wightman, Cat McManus, Muhammed Rizvi, Connor Hughes, Grant Daigle, Ian Simmons, Chaepter Negro, Derek Carter, Katie Craft, Jeremy Gruner, Yemaya Jennings, Anna Sciaccotta, Casey Ross, David Flowers, Scott McLaughlin, Don Tomes: voices

Eric Novak: art, engineer, production, additional mixing
Derek McAnally: mixing, engineer, production
Chaepter Negro: mixing, mastering, production
Cale Sennett: photography, engineer



all rights reserved


Dissonant Dessert Bloomington, Illinois

Jazz music filtered through an ancient lens. Inspired by an intense vision in which Eric Novak heard the screams and cries of ancient civilizations, this music attempts to provide something that is both ancient and timeless, dispelling all borders and constrictions.
Inspired by the John Lurie National Orchestra
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Track Name: Caution and Precision
It's always been there
Scattered across the decrepit brow of the earth
Whose smile has since faded
Intricate articulations ricochet from past to future
And as the bawling bowl intones
Whispers of another time into my
Cracked porcelain skull
Speckled spirits outpouring by unconscious control
Until the dance of darkness
Became the only movement
The Tribblets whispered at once
It's always been there
Folded like an unrealized failure
Was plucked out from underneath
The cauterized crust of ignorance
And was made to know one thing
It's always been there